21. Oktober 2020

Preußen Münster played more effective and wins 2:1 against a physically-strong opposing team of Wiedenbrück. The strikers for Preußen Münster were Julian Schauerte (https://www.instagram.com/jul_schaui/) and Joshua Holtby (https://www.instagram.com/joshuaholtby14). Joshua Holtby scores from a distance of approximately 18 meters between him and the goal. Viktor Maier (https://www.facebook.com/viktor.maier.14) scores for Wiedenbrück. In the second half of the game the sprints of the good-playing outter midfielder Ousman Touray of Münster were stopped by the outter-backs of Wiedenbrück. Moreover Joel Grodowski (https://www.instagram.com/joelgrodowski/) and Benedikt Zahn (https://www.instagram.com/p/Byr24aYoOtQ/) draw attention to themselves with offensive pressing after substitution. Münster and Wiedenbrück didn’t use chances to score a goal in the second half, so the game ends up with the result of 2:1.